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Monday, August 22, 2011

Merdeka Rapid hits 78 entries!

When the number of team hit 70 last year, it was thought to be the highest number of teams ever played in the ASTRO Merdeka Open Team Rapid event but surprise surprise! The number of teams for this year has reached already 78 and with the number of calls and inquiries that we have received over the weekend, it will not be a surprise if the numbers go beyond 80 within the next few days, even reaching 90...
"We are definitely faced with a huge challenge to fit 90 team in the ballroom but whatever it is, it is a GOOD CHALLENGE!" quipped Najib Wahab, Chief Arbiter for the 2011 Malaysia Chess Festival.
Having barely squeezed 70 teams into the ballroom last year, many will wonder how the organizer can scour for space to add 20 more teams into the playing hall. Whilst the hotel have given an additional room to help ease the congestion, the small room can probably fit only 10 teams (5 tables) but the bulk of the others (at least 80 teams) will have to be fitted into the ballroom.


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