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Sunday, October 16, 2011

IM Mas–UPSI champion


A good start for IM Mas in his very first major local tournament he entered after his decision to concentrate fully on chess.

He pipped local king of rapid Ian Udani in the 2 day UPSI rapid championship. Both finished undefeated with a score of 7.5 out of 8 but IM Mas Hafizulhelmi had the better tie break.

Mas takes back with him RM 1000, a medal and a challenge trophy. Ian Udani finishes second and takes home RM 500 and medal.


PS: Yatzchess has not received the full results but will post it as soon as we get it.

Note to organiser : Please sir, can you please send the results to me at

Thank you.

Waiting for tie break

Both Ian and Mas are on 7.5/8. Only a tie break will determine who is the ultimate champion. Who has the better tie break?

Results will be posted hereat this website as soon as we know.

Last round update: Ian won! Mas won!



UPSI: Pictures from round 8











Some results


Fong Yit San draw with Kamaluddin Yusof so both of them have 6/8.



WNM Tan Li Ting won her last round game to finish 5.5/8.

UPSI is tough

It was a difficult tournament as one of the participant in UPSI remarked.

Because of the 126 players taking part, the organisers decided to increase the number of rounds from 7 to 8. Also, several mistakes made in the initial pairings as well as last minute entries delayed the first round to around 12 pm yesterday. After that each of the round had to be reduced from 1 hour to 45 minute per player. 5 rounds were played on the first day so the last game for Round 5 ended about 10pm!

Today there is only 3 rounds and the time control goes back to its original 1 hour.

Prize giving ceremony is expected to be at 5 pm.

Here is a clearer picture of the Round 8 pairings:-


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mas or Ian?

imageDown to the final round and since the top 2 leaders have already met each other and drawn, it all depends on their opponents they are playing. Mas may have the tougher opponent in Mohd Nabil on board 2 while Ian faces an unfamiliar name, Syamaizar Lup.


Stay tuned to this website for further updates!

UPSI Final round pairing

UPSI round 7 pairing

This is the penultimate round pairing.

Last round will start at 2 pm

IM Mas vs Ian Udani


Top 2 boards on stage

Top players get to play on top stage

Gilocatur is here

UPSI Latest Update Round 7

Top 2 leaders are Mas and Ian Udani. Both have a perfect score of 6/6. They were leaders all the way.

Going into round 7, the two leaders clash!

Who will win? Stay tune to Yatzchess for further updates.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pictures from DATCC Brilliant Kids Weekend

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Insofar Tourney won by IM Jimmy Liew

Final Ranking after round 4 of INSOFAR 2nd OPEN (Adult) SCHOLARSHIP 2011

No.  PNo.  Name                       Score WP    SB     PS    rat.  TPR  W-We

  1st   1  IM Jimmy Liew - V           3.5  10.0   8.50   9.5  2148 2030 -0.26
  2nd   3  Abdul Haq Mohamad           3.0  11.5   8.25   8.5  1914 2000 +0.40
  3rd   6  Chek Kin Keuw               3.0   8.5   5.00   7.0  1641 1904 +1.40

        4  Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli       3.0   8.0   5.75   7.5  1875 1855 -0.08

Best1600   Mohd Raimi Rahim            3.0   7.5   4.50   6.0  1570 1775 +1.08

  6.    9  Sahir Sarifdin              2.0  10.0   3.50   5.0  1595 1767 +0.92
        8  Ahmad Firdaus Mohd Rodzi    2.0   9.5   3.00   7.0  1625 1757 +0.72
        7  Khairul Azam Mastuki        2.0   7.5   1.50   6.0  1635 1551 -0.48
        5  Mohd Fairin Zakaria         2.0   7.0   3.00   5.0  1756 1581 -0.92
 10.   10  Mohd Tayah Wahab            1.5   9.5   3.00   5.5  1578 1712 +0.62
       13  Mohamed Ismail              1.5   7.5   1.75   2.5  1527 1538 +0.02
       12  Norman Tasli Mohd Razali    1.5   6.5   0.75   3.5  1532 1569 +0.18
       14  Mohd Firdaus Ahmad Johari   1.5   6.5   0.75   2.0  1524 1500 -0.14

Veteran 2  Dr. Wahid Karim - V         1.5   6.0   2.25   3.0  1924 1453 -2.14
Best1500   Bustaman Harun - V          1.0   6.5   0.00   2.0  1250 1285 +0.16
BestLady   Raja Noraizah - G           0.0   6.0   0.00   0.0  1189  808 -0.60

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sunday October 30th: 9 am to 1.00 pm ( 3 rounds)
Sunday November 6th: 9 am to 2.00 pm (4 rounds)
: Prize-giving & Lunch
1st  : RM 600  +Challenge Trophy
2nd  : RM 400
3rd    : RM 300
4th   : RM 200
5th     : RM 100

Best U-9 : RM 100 + Certificate ; runner-up RM 50 + Certificate
Best U-11: RM 100 + Certificate; runner-up RM 50 + Certificate
Best U-13: RM 100 + Certificate; runner-up RM 50 + Certificate
Best Veteran (55 yrs and above) : RM 100
Best Lady ( any age category) : RM 100

Entry fee:   RSC Members        : RM 30 ; family discount (RM 25 for 2 or more players)
Non-RSC Members: RM 40 ; family discount (RM 30 for 2 or more players)
[Entry fee includes Lunch on November 6th ]

Sms entries to: Dr. Wahid (016-3283160),  Dr. Ajeet (012-2121372)
before 28th Oct  or email :  or to confirm registration.

Monday, October 10, 2011

More pictures from DATCC Blitz

Asian Amateur Venue on Google Maps

View Larger Map


Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Straits Times on the Asian Amateur Chess


KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) is set to organise this year's Asian Amateur Open and Women Chess Championship 2011 that will see more than 40 countries participating in Kuala Lumpur from Nov 25 to Dec 1.
This championship, sanctioned by the Asian Chess Federation, offers nine round individual championships opened to all Asian players with a FIDE rating below 2,100 and unrated players. Time Control for the event is 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per player from move one.

MCF president Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib said: "We are delighted that the Malaysian Chess Federation has been awarded by the Asian Chess Federation to host the Asian Amateur Open and Women Chess Championship 2011.

"The championship is second in its series after Lebanon became its inaugural host last year."

At the conclusion of the championship, an Open Blitz tournament will be organised to cap the week-long championship providing opportunities for other players to join in the fray and pit strength in a speed chess challenge against some of the best Amateur players in the world.

The championship is expected to attract players as well as a large number of spectators and supporters from more than 40 Asian countries.

Entry fee for the Open category is RM412 each and RM495 for unrated players. Entries close on Nov 4.

E-mail or for details.

Where to park for DATCC events

imageLast Saturday an unfortunate altercation took place between two drivers due to limited parking space at Wilayah Kompleks. On Sundays there is no problem finding a space to park but some Saturdays, finding a parking space may be a problem.

Parking at Wilayah Kompleks is RM 6 flat rate.

If DATCC car park is full a good alternative to park is at Cap Square car park which is only a few minutes walk from Wilayah. On weekends the price for parking is RM 2 flat rate.

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