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Sunday, February 7, 2010

KL Rapid Grand Prix Prize Giving


(From 2nd L: Yeoh Li Tian & Sivanesan Subramaniam)
Open Cateogry

KL Rapid Grand Prix Champion Yeoh Li Tian with a incredible 6/6 points. He beaten Amithpal Singh Sardar in the last round.

Farouqi Nik Ahmad got runner up. He drew with Sumant and won Nayan Ahmad Fadzil.

Sumant took the 3rd spot after winning Che Aziz Mohamad Hezri in the last round.

Amithpal Singh Sardar endded up 4th after losing to Nayan Ahmad Fadzil and Yeoh Li Tian. He lost to Nayan Ahmad Fadzil because his phone rang. Sad -.-

UIAM Nayan Ahmad Fadzil won 5th place.

Upcoming player, Roshan Singh won the 6th place even though he lost to the Chan brothers. He must improved his time management too.

Coming from behind Zakaria Mohd Fadli a.k.a stone master took the 7th spot. He won Demudu Subramaniam in less than 10 minutes.

U-12 Category

Sivanesan Subramaniam was crowned champion for the U-12 category. He only drew with his sister Sivanesan Nithyalakshmi and won the rest.

Sivanesan Nithyalakshmi became the Runner up for the U-12 category. She drew two games and won the rest.

3rd Place - Amier Hamzah who was not present during the prize giving ceremony took the 3rd spot.

Subramaniam Shreyes won the 4th place. He is a great swindler after managed to draw with Amier even he was three pawn down and hopeless position.

Shum Rui Yuan ended 5th place. Good job.

Yee Jian Yang got 6th place after losing to Sivanesan Subramaniam in the last round.

Ng Jen Sheng took 7th spot.

Sathish Hemant won the 8th place.


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