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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Arbiters for the KL Grand Prix

There was two arbiter in charged FM Peter Long (above) & Certified FIDE Developmental Instructor Marcus Yeoh (below)

Not only is Marcus Yeoh (ELO rated 1999) a chess blogger, chess coach and arbiter, he will also be taking part in the KL Open 2010 in April. He is also Penang Centre Manager for Polgar Chess Asia.

During NAG 2009:

Congratulations to the two arbiters for a very professional way of handling the tournament. There were no incidents except for Amithpal forfeit game due to phone ringing. Everything was run very smoothly. Marcus and Peter can be seen hard at work during the entire tournament. We should have more arbiters like them.
One nice thing about the tournament is that they use projector to show the pairing and result. Quite convenient. No need to squeeze in crowd to see small A4 size paper on the wall.

According to Peter Long in his blog:

My “old-new” vehicle, Polgar Chess Asia ( is operated by Effective Commerce, has a special focus on helping develop potential in children, and we plan to have organising of suitable activities and the right type of competitions not only with the KLCA but other places around the country as an equal complement to more formal learning in a classroom environment.

Let's hope Peter and Polgar Chess Asia can bring our Malaysian chess to a new level with their tournaments and training.


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Marcus Yeoh is a shy person. He don't like his picture taken.

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Wow. How can someone squeeze so many words into just one sentence!

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