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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who Is Jonathan Augustine?

Who is Jonathan Augustine? This unfamiliar face from negeri sembilan has gone around tournament in Malaysia, beating top players including Kamaluddin Yusof, Jax Tham, "chess wonder boy" Yeap Eng Chiam, Abdul Haq and many more. Despite having SPM examination this year, his performance in chess has never slump. In fact, his national rating sky-rocketed to an incredible 1738 rating this year. I get to know him during MSSM last year and I can described him as a really friendly as well as down to earth person. This modest chess player has recently hit the lime light after beating 2009 National Junior master, Yeap Eng Chiam.

Fortunately, this Negeri Sembilan warrior was cooperative enough to agree to short interview with yatzchess. 

First and foremost, congratulation in your recent MSSM chess tournament. But were you satisfied with your result despite being one of the favourite to win the Under 18 boys category? 
(Note: J/Agustine finished 7th placing in MSSM)
Thank you. Was I satisfied? Not really. I was actually aiming for the top 3 placing.

So what happened? You played badly?

Actually playing badly wasn't the factor. The main reason is that I underestimated my opponent who are lower rated than me.

Oh I see.. OK, tell me more about yourselves. At what age you started playing chess?

I started playing chess when I was in standard 3. 

Who Influenced you to play chess?

My cousin brother who is 2 years older than me

So, Who is your present coach?

Currently, I am on my own. But I have to give credits to Mr.Lohanathan.

I heard Mr.Lohanathan do lots of charitable work in negeri sembilan to promote chess. 

Yes he is in fact doing lots of charity.

You are having your SPM this year. I am just wondering how do you managed your time in chess and studies.

Well, it is really easy. All I need is a good time table.
                                                    < J/AGUSTINE Rating chart>
Is unbelievable the progress you have achieved this year. Which tournament do you regard as your career breakthrough in chess?

Definitely the 1st edition of Insofar and National Age Group 2012. 

What is your greatest achievement in chess so far?

Beating Yeap Eng Chiam I must say.

And why is it?

It is just that I managed to beat a really strong national player.

How would you describe your playing style?

I would say, I am more into counter attack. I prefer positional play.

Who is considered as your greatest rival?
I would say it is Wong Jian Wen (pic below) for the time being.

Besides chess, what other sport you play?
Let see...I like football, marathon, running and carom.

Football!? So, I guess you are following the ongoing Euro 2012...

Yeah, but only the highlights. That is because I have school in the morning. Haizz.....

Which team are you rooting for?


So I guess your favourite player must be...Torres?


OK final question, what is your next target in chess?

My next goal is to win the national Closed and become the next NM.

That is all for now, thank you for the interview and good luck in your SPM examination. 
Good Night


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