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Monday, June 25, 2012

Boys School Open

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As usual, MBS secondary school will be organizing their 7th chess open tournament. I think this is one of the most consistent school tournament so far. Unfortunately, the deadline is 30th june. So anyone who is interested better hurry up. =) 
(Edit: Entry after 26th June will be RM30)

I could not copy the PDF file, so is better to download the entry form from their official website.

Previous notable champion:
1) NJM Yeap Eng Chiam (Champ every year in his category, I guess)
2) Sumant Subramaniam (last year U-23 Boys Champion & U14 Champion in the 4th Edition)
3) Olivia Madhavan (5th Edition U23-Girls Champion)
4) Pavitranayagi Jayamurthey (2009, 2010 U14-Girls Champion)
5) Thong Yung Chen (2009 U20-Boys Champion)
6) WNM Fong Mi Yen (2009 U20-Girls Champion)

For your information, MBS has broken the Malaysia Book Of Record for the Largest Chess Tournament in Malaysia in the year 2007!


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