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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making your own chess video

I suppose many of you have watch chess video on youtube or even from CD's. Usually, the video only shows the chess board with someone commenting about it.

 Uploading chess video in the net has started to popularize now. ChessNetwork is a great example. He has uploading over 200+ videos and with a record of almost 5millions viewers. This is not just going to promote chess, it will be a really beneficial lesson to beginners and amateurs. So how can I make my own video?

1st step: go to

2nd Step: Click on Download Now (Green Box) below the word "Latest version: CamStudio 2.6 (Build r294)"

3rd Step: After finishing all the installation, this program will pop out.

4th Step: Select region and then click fixed region. This will enable you to just focus on the chess board.

5th Step: Go to option and click record from microphone. 

As a final point, just go to file and click record to start recording. 


Anonymous said...

CamStudio_Setup_v2.7.2_r326_(build_19Oct2013).exe trips an AVG Threat detection (MalSign.Generic.CBC) when attempting to download on 6/23/2014 !!

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