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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starcraft and Chess

As many of you should know, gilachess has started a started a revolution of starcraft. He did convince me in playing this game and frankly speaking, it is a pretty frustrating but interesting game. I felt devastated with all the losses even after hours and days of practice. Nevertheless, I realised that playing is not enough, you need to get proper guidance from pro's to know what you should be doing.

Starcraft is considerably related to chess. You need to learn opening, middle game and end game. In my opinion, openings are the most important in both chess and starcraft. 
 If your build order (a.k.a opening) is wide of the mark, you will see your opponents sending army to your base and end your misery in a flash. In other word, you are actually playing 1.f4 then 2.g4, allowing the deadly Qh4! in chess. Unfortunately, every beginner will have to go through these tragedy. Until you loose and keep losing many games, only then you will start winning, as they said "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". =)

Tactics are also really important in SC. You can build many units and loose to just a small number of units that so happens to be your weakness. You can choose to attack through the middle or even spring attack from the flanks with the air units. Alike in chess, you can break open the centre or launch a king side and queen side attack towards your opponent. 

The best part of Starcraft is definitely the multi player game. Similar to double chess, players can team up together. I used to join forces with gilachess in a 2 vs 2 online battle. Sadly, our record aren't very good. 

So what is the draw backs of Star Craft?
Unlike chess, the price of an original starcraft game can cost up to RM200+, that is about 15 sets of chess sets. 

Do I need to upgrade my PC in order to play Starcraft?
No, even a mediocre window XP computer will do.


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