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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Malaysia First GM?

Malaysia first rapid or blitz? FIDE has finally published the July rating, not only classical but in rapid and blitz too. It is a fresh rating system and will be updated on a monthly basis. So it is a dream come true for local pro blitz player to achieve something in top level.

( A snapshot of IM Mas Hafizul latest FIDE rapid rating.)

                                    (Chess prodigy, Yeoh Li Tian obtaining a relatively high rapid elo rating at 2182!)

                                 Besides this big news, World No.1, Magnus Carlsen has achieved another personal record. He has tot up 2 more points to reach a record of 2837, just 15 points below Garry Kasparov all-time record of 2851!

Lastly, here is the latest statistic for the locals. IM Mas Hafizul climb back top of the ranking despite loosing 7.6 rating points from the Melaka International Chess Championship. FIDE has also listed FM Nicholas Chan as an inactive player, after failing to play any FIDE tournament in almost a year!


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