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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The EPIC Category of MBS

Unlike the other category, the Under-23 had been one of the most exciting group in the event. There were many controversy during the game that forced Chief Arbiter, IA Lim Tze Pin to come down and solved the problem.

In round 3, Albert escaped one of the most terrifying moment, that may ended up his dream of becoming champion. 

This was the position and Albert was playing black. A beginner would even solve this problem with an easy Nh6+!, winning the Queen on d7. Shockingly, the partzer who was me, went on to play Bf1??, thinking that Black could not captured my knight, so why bother moving it. Anyway, the drama had just began. Both players were in time trouble and suddenly a dispute of illegal move came from Albert after white played Kh6.

It seems that Albert placed his Queen on f8. On the other hand, I argued the queen placing was unclear as you can see from above. The black queen was between f7 and f8. The situation was heating up as both players were fighting for their points. The chief arbiter was forced here and declared the dispute unsuccessful. IA Lim Tze Pin then asked Albert if he wanted a draw or continue playing. Albert without hesitating, agreed to play on since he had a second advantage against me. Mr.Lim reset the clock to 8 seconds against 7 in black favours. That was the time where my bullet training came to my rescue. Albert lost on time with me having 3 seconds on the clock. Despite that, the game ended in a draw with white having only his king on the board.

Back to the tournament. Under 14 boys defending champion, Tan Yong Zhao had decided to rise the challenged by taking on the Under 23 category. This small kid who is only 12 years old this year came so close in being champion. He was leading the pack with 5/5, only to loose in the last round against Albert. His victims included Gabriel Soong, Derek Poon and yours truly. Many players were surprised with his achievement and felt a bit 'malu' if he won the under 23 category. Anyway, Albert Ang save their pride and also make his school proud again! Once again, congratulation to Albert for his outstanding achievement. MBS! PLAY UP! PLAY UP! PLAY UP! 

1) Albert Ang Keliang  5.5
2) Tan Yong Zhao  5
3) Md Fazle Nur  5
4) Yat Guo Jie 4.5
5) Boey Jin Huey 4
6) Chan Yi Peng 4

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