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Monday, July 16, 2012

Chess Players in KASUGI

Ian Udani, a well known Filipino chess player in Malaysia

 IM Jimmy Liew (chessischess), will be representing Malaysia for the Olympiad

IM Mok Tze Meng, expert in the "MOK"dern defense

 FM Nicholas Chan, Malaysia No.2 rank chess player

NM Marcus Chan  

 Ronnie Lim won the best state prize

Yeoh Li Tian with an impressive 2358 rating performance...not the best Junior? Think Again!

 2010 National Master Tan Khai Boon

Veteran Eddy Kwan, the father of Johor state player, Ruby Kwan

Mohd Ezmi from Kelantan

Tan Hong Ghee contributing only 2 points for the team

 Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli (mylifeinchess) scoring 5/8 points

 Wong Yinn Long, the 4th board for Tesla Chess team 

 NM Evan Capel Timothy in top form, defeated FM Yee Soon Wei in round 7

This Year National Master, Roshan Singh 

 Jax Tham Tick Hong doing some stretching before the game begin

Khor Shihong playing for Penang B

 Chess talent, Sivanesan Subramaniam 

 Najib Wahab, won the crucial point in the last round against Loo Swee Leong

 NM Kamalarifin from Pahang

Nor Ilhamuddin (2010chessodysey), done his best for his team

 Kevin Seow, captain for SPAWN Armageddon

 Muhammad Arshad, a blogger, a well known chess equipment supplier and a strong chess player

 Ibni Hajar Amri from Kedah

 Ong Thian Loon also from Kedah

 Tukiran Taulani from Johor

 Abdullah Che Hassan. This man is also a pro in poker game

 Tan Ken Wei playing 1st board for Nameless chess team

 Kaulsha Khandhar, champ the RSC Open last week

 Foo Chee Kin playing for Negeri Sembilan

 Amier Hamzah, a hyper active chess player. He is also the top scorer for his team.

 Sarawak renowned chess player, Lim Kian Hwa

Ilias Mohd Safri and Izzudin Ahayat

 Wong Jian Wen with 5/8 points.

Razali Hamzah or better known as (Ng6), a very underrated chess player

Alfred Ting Shih Chieh, the 3rd board for SPAWN Armageddon

Mohd Saprin and his family 

 Iskandar Rashid, making his début only on the 2nd day

Ramone Mikgail Kok, representing UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas)

 Harun Bustaman from Kelantan


 Highly rated, IM Nolte Rolando from Philippine. He too finishes with perfect score!

 NM Lim Zhuo Ren

 Efren Bagamasbad from Philippine 

 IM Bancod Ronald, playing top board for Apocalypse-Manilla Chess Team

 Muhd Syakir Shazmeer 

 Olivia Madhavan a.k.a olive oil

Jairan b Ibrahim, last minute replacement for SPAWN Armageddon


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