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Monday, March 29, 2010

DATCC Razzle Dazzle Rapid

I was very confident in winning a prize thinking that most of the strong players will be going to the Johor Tourney. Unfortunately, as i stepped into the playing venue, Abdullah, Tan Ken Wei and many strong players was seen everywhere. I also regretted not registering for the March 10. 20. 30. Here are some players featuring in the event.

En. Najib giving his briefing

Champion Abdullah Che Hassan [scored a perfect 7/7 ]

Sabri Mohd Saprin (in deep toughts)

Sabri Mohd Saprin

Sabri Mohd Saprin

Sabri Mohd Saprin

NM Kamal Ariffin (looked so relax)

Jax Tham Tick Hong (champion for the March 10. 20. 30.)

Razali Hamzah (a.k.a Ng6 my 4th round opponent, managed a draw
even his 3 PAWN up.)

Roshan Singh

Sivanesan Nithya (cute face ^.^)

Sivanesan Subramaniam (brother of Sivanesan Nithya)

Lim Chong (visit his post. click here.)

Low Jun Keat (He performed quite well)

Faizal Roslan (looking very excited)


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