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Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview with IM Senador Emmanuel

Getting his 1st GM Norm in DATMO 2009, he is IM Senador Emmanuel. Yatzchess managed to invite him for a short interview.

Yatz: What happened in the last round.

Senador: We lost the last match, 2.5-1.5.

Yatz: So, what do you think of your performance

Senador: Worst, Worst ever (laugh). Lost 5 games.

Yatz: How many points you collected

Senador: I scored only 3.5. 3 wins and 1 draw.

Yatz: So what is the factor of your poor performance?

Senador: Erm, nothing. This is a team event, so when 1 looses, you will get slightly affected.

Yatz: So are you a full time chess player?

Senador: Yes, In philipine

Yatz: At what age you started playing chess?

Senador: Very late, I think it is around 12 years old.

Yatz: So when did you get your IM norm?

Senador: I think I got it as early as 2004. But they only allowed the IM tittle in 2011. I didn't compete in any major tournament, it just err...goes up.

Yatz: So how did you started playing chess?

Senador: I saw some guys playing in the barber shop. I got interested in it then. I then enter the National junior championship, luckily I lost (laugh). That was my 1st tournament.

Yatz: How many hours do you spent on your training?

Senador: I think 1 to 2 hours. Generally, just to get the latest games.

Yatz: What kind of exercises you focus more to?

Senador: I focus more on tactics and complicated positions.

Yatz: Is chess engine the most important tool in your training?

Senador: Not necessarily. It is really important for humans mind. Computers are for preparation against players and maybe to see the improvement of the position. In the end, you have to rely on yourselves. I like the 360 chess. You have to rely on your own. Maybe it is good to be original. 

Yatz: So you have been training on your own all these years?

Senador: Philippine is a poor country so you have to train it on your own.

Yatz: Is chess really popular in Philippine?

Senador: Yes because Mr.Pichai, when he became a president in 2005 I guess. He produced many GM's in Philippine. 

Yatz: So he is the factor of Philipine success in chess?

Senador: Yeah. Because of the funding of Mr.Pichai since he is on the government side. 

Yatz: What other sport you do other than chess?

Senador: Not many. Maybe just once in a while. I like to walk more.

Yatz: How do you prepare for yourself before a tournament?

Senador: I will review some opening and analyse my opponents games. I have to do physically conditioning also.

Yatz: Do you get nervous before a tournament?

Senador: Maybe maybe, if the competition is really tense. 

Yatz: How do you described your playing style?

Senador: Aggressive! I also like complicated games. Open position also because it is full with tactics.

Yatz: So how many time have you represent Philippine for the Olympiad?

Senador: I have represent Philippine for 3 times in the Olympiad.

Yatz: So will you be representing Philippine this year?

Senador: No. There is a selection but I didn't make it.

Yatz: How about Wesley so?

Senador: Yeah he is representing Philippine. 

Yatz: Which part of the world you travel the most?

Senador: ASIA countries

Yatz: So how many GM norm have you obtain?

Senador: Only 1. I get it here in 2009 at DATMO. I was leading but lost to Negi. But I still get my GM norm.

Yatz: Last question, what is your aim in chess.

Senador: To get my GM norm. Maybe I might get GM norm in blitz or rapid, maybe..

Thats all for now. I wished you best of luck in achieving your GM tittle. Thank you IM Senador for the interview.

*Special thanks to Andrew Ooi (a.k.a Gilachess) and Hadi for the photos.

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