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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where to park for DATCC events

imageLast Saturday an unfortunate altercation took place between two drivers due to limited parking space at Wilayah Kompleks. On Sundays there is no problem finding a space to park but some Saturdays, finding a parking space may be a problem.

Parking at Wilayah Kompleks is RM 6 flat rate.

If DATCC car park is full a good alternative to park is at Cap Square car park which is only a few minutes walk from Wilayah. On weekends the price for parking is RM 2 flat rate.


Jimmy Liew said...

Capsquare is cheaper than DATCC. Good to know and will try parking there next time. Thanks

GilaChess said...

Just parked in Capsquare on Saturday just to see if it really is RM 2.

Update: the parking fees has gone up by one ringgit so it is actually RM 3 flat rate.

Still quite cheap compared to Wilayah car park.

Captain Planet said...

Thousand thanks for this info...RM2 or RM3...its definitely cheaper!!!

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